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Our plan to return to work in domestic homes

24th May 2020

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Our plan to return to work in domestic homes

Following guidance from the Glass and Glazing Federation and Government, the four key elements are:

  • Keeping our staff and customers safe and healthy.
  • Ensuring our staff operate within Government guidelines
  • Decide whether the working environment is safe or not
  • Assure the customer/tenant that it is safe to work in their home.

Wherever possible and if it is safe to do so site measures and glass replacement should be carried out from the outside of the property.

Before carrying out work in a customer/tennant’s home Firstly we must make contact with the homeowner/tenant and check the occupants in the home are safe, not showing symptoms of corona virus and are not shielding and they are happy for us to carry out a measure or the relevant repairs.

No work should be carried out in a household which is isolating because one or more family members has symptoms or where an individual has been advised to shield – unless it is to remedy a direct risk to the safety of the household.

Employees must always:

  • be aware of and will adhere to Government health guidelines
  • ensure working in the home is 2m apart wherever possible
  • wear gloves at all times and face coverings in exposed areas
  • should make sure they have hand sanitiser available to them and make a commitment to frequently clean/wash hands.
  • clean down with disinfectant all surfaces our employees have handled or installed at the end of each day – including all frames and glass.
  • bring their own food & drink and eat it away from the property – either in their van or away from the property.

EXTRA PPE REQUIRED –  all workers entering a domestic home/property SHOULD now wear the following in addition to their normal PPE:

  • Gloves to be worn at all times
  • Face coverings – masks or visors if working less than 2m apart

Supply GGF “Safe Guide for home owners” booklet if necessary to home owners.

Posted on 24th May 2020

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