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We have been manufacturing in-house for over 50 years. Our glass and glazing range offers a wide variety of double glazed units complete with our UPVc windows or aluminium windows. We supply and install high-quality double glazed units that are tailored to fit the specific needs and aesthetic preferences of our clients. Our expert team ensures precise installation, maximizing the benefits of reduced energy consumption and improved security. We have expanded our offering to heritage units and glass kitchen splashback.  Explore our products below for more information and feel free to get in touch with us for more information by using our online interactive quote form.

Pilkington textured & decorative glass

No one offers a bigger choice of original designs for patterned/textured glass. Choose from a range of 21 designs from traditional to contemporary. The range offers 5 privacy levels to suit your needs.

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Glass & Glazing FAQ


Yes we offer a supply only service as well as an installation service

We offer triple glazed units as well as a variety of glass types such as bronze anti-sun, toughened units and different widths. For more information please use our online form.

Double glazed units

Double glazed units provide excellent thermal insulation, reducing heat loss and lowering energy bills. They also offer enhanced sound insulation and increased security.

Typically, double glazed units have a lifespan of 20-25 years, depending on the quality of materials and installation.

Minor issues such as seal failures can sometimes be repaired, but in most cases, replacing the entire unit is recommended for optimal performance.

Yes, double glazed units help reduce condensation on the interior surfaces by maintaining a higher surface temperature compared to single glazing.

Yes, double glazed units can be customized with various types of glass, including low-E glass, laminated glass, and toughened glass, to meet specific needs.

Heritage units

Heritage sealed units are specially designed double glazed units that replicate the appearance of traditional single glazing, often used in period properties and conservation areas.

Yes, despite their traditional look, heritage sealed units provide modern energy efficiency comparable to standard double glazed units.

Often, heritage sealed units are suitable for listed buildings and conservation areas, but it’s essential to check with local planning authorities before installation.

Heritage sealed units can be made with various types of glass, including clear, patterned, or antique glass, to match the aesthetic of the building.

Heritage sealed units can be custom-made to fit non-standard window sizes typically found in older properties.

Glass kitchen splashbacks

Glass kitchen splashbacks are hygienic, easy to clean, and highly durable. They also offer a sleek, modern look and can be customized in various colours and designs.

Yes, toughened glass splashbacks are designed to withstand high temperatures and are ideal for areas behind cooktops and stoves.

Yes, glass splashbacks are relatively easy to install and can be fitted directly onto the wall or over existing tiles.

Absolutely, glass kitchen splashbacks can be painted in any colour or even printed with custom designs to match your kitchen decor.

Glass splashbacks are easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a non-abrasive glass cleaner and a soft cloth.