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Heritage Units

21st century glass technology into aesthetically appropriate double glazed units

Aesthetically appropriate Heritage

incorporate 21st Century glass technology into aesthetically appropriate double glazed units for traditional and historic or listed properties. It’s an issue our industry has grappled with for decades and something highlighted by the GGF who draw attention to the lack of specific test evidence available to date for IGUs constructed with narrow cavities and reduced sightlines.

With an 8.5mm sightline, it is the perfect option for those seeking a low sightline, alongside units that are made to the highest quality. Available in spacer sizes of 4mm, 6mm and 8mm in either dark brown or silver with white also available in 6mm and 8mm versions.

Heritage sealed unit inspiration

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Heritage units FAQ


Heritage sealed units are specially designed double glazed units that replicate the appearance of traditional single glazing, often used in period properties and conservation areas.

Yes, despite their traditional look, heritage sealed units provide modern energy efficiency comparable to standard double glazed units.

Often, heritage sealed units are suitable for listed buildings and conservation areas, but it’s essential to check with local planning authorities before installation.

Heritage sealed units can be made with various types of glass, including clear, patterned, or antique glass, to match the aesthetic of the building.

Heritage sealed units can be custom-made to fit non-standard window sizes typically found in older properties.